Filipino Martial Arts

Filipino Martial Arts

Express Yourself!
We will customize your sticks to the length and diameter you prefer,* providing a length perfect for the" system" you study,
any system. No other company manufactures sticks like East West!

Are They Tough?
Unlike some commercial manufacturers, we leave the skin intact. This preserves the natural durability of the wood.
All of our sticks are fire hardened, increasing the strength of our already hard rattan sticks allowing you to train longer and
harder than ever before! Up to 32" and 1" diameter at regular cost. For custom size orders up to 32" and 1" diameter, simply add the size specs you want on the shopping cart page. It's that simple! You can also adjust the quantity in your cart and it will calculate shipping charges.

*For orders over 32" or 1"+ diameter there is an additional charge, contact me at 607-423-5159. I'll give you a quote and take your order.

Are They The Best?
We don't need to tell you our sticks are the best. Our customers will do it for us!

Guro Kevin, "I wanted to write and tell you that your sticks are absolutely the best I've ever used! When I think of all the money I've wasted over the years on other people's JUNK, it makes me want to tell every FMA practitioner I know to call you. No Joke! Your sticks are the best sticks out there."
Nene Rivera
Filipino Martial Artist
Los Angeles, Ca

By far the BEST sticks on the planet. I have had the same pair for years and they are still going.
Bill Pavlik
NY Fight Club

New York

East West is the ONLY place I can get the size stick I train with! The best sticks at custom sizes. I won't buy anywhere else. These guys do martial arts, they don't just sell stuff. Thanks Kevin!
John Calabroa
Austin, Texas

Our philosophy is to provide the quality tools for Filipino Martial Artists to be able to train to their Full Potential. Whatever system you train in: Inosanto, Largo Mano, Doce Pares, Lacoste, Serrada, Lanada, Derobio, Pekiti Tirsia, Latosa, VilleBrille, Topado, Modern Arnis...any system!

We want to provide you with the size and quality you need and deserve! We have sold thousands to satisfied martial artists all over the world for over 25 years!
Dealer inquiries welcome. Wholesale bulk prices available to schools and groups.
For more information
(607) 423-5159

rattanpr.jpg Fire Hardened Rattan Standard Pair
Our top of the line
is OUR standard,
with two beautiful
28"X 7/8" rattan
sticks in our
Standard Package.
Price: $28.95
stix.jpg Fire Hardened Rattan Professional Set
If you're serious about mastering the Filipino Martial Arts, choose our "Professional Set." the pro set provides the tools to study single and double stick, Espada/Daga, and Knife-to-Knife. "Our Professional" comes with two beautiful fire-hardened 28"x 7/8" long rattan sticks and two 12" matching short sticks. The choice of the professionals!
Price: $32.95
Fire Hardened Sibats-Rattan Staffs
Beautiful handcrafted, fire-hardened rattan staffs. These staffs will hold up to the abuse given in serious hand-to-hand training
without breaking or splintering. Hard and durable! Perfect for Krabi-Krabong or bunkai Training. 5' or 6' length (please specify)
Price: $31.95
Krabi-Krobong Sticks
These sticks will accept the abuse of hard Krabi-Krabong training. Equip yourself for learning the fastest-growing Thai weapon
art in the U.S. 34" x 7/8"
Price: $30.95
d3-1.gif Filipino Kali DVD Vol 1
Almost 70 minutes of comprehensive instruction formatted in a developmental progression for optimal learning, presented in Guro Kevin's easy to follow style. Even if you've been practicing or teaching Kali for years, you will find useful information that will help to augment your current skill level.

Volume 1 covers history, footwork, basic blocks from various stick positions (roofs, wings, shields, umbrellas), hand checking positions, various striking patterns and targeting options, 3 Point Sumbrada (Counter for Counter), 5 Point Sumbrada, and disarms (while having a stick and empty-handed disarms against a stick).

Price: $24.95