Performance Coaching/Mental Training

Performance Coaching/Mental Training

The Winning Mind Set has demonstrated countless successes with hundreds of athletes all over the globe. Here are a few.

"The Winning Mind Set is a fantastic weapon that gives you the firepower to really succeed"
-Kenny Florian

UFC Lightweight Fighter

"Simply Brilliant!"
-Jonny "Bones" Jones
UFC Light Heavyweight Fighter

"I thought that I read and listened to all of the major works on self improvement. The truth is, I missed one of the best ones up until recently. I just read one of the most important pieces of literature for Athletes and Martial Artists, The Winning Mind Set. This is a MUST READ for anyone on a competitive path. The principles are sound and easy to understand. In my field, MMA fighting, everyone is fairly even in skill, power, and endurance. The thing that separates champions from the average competitor is their ability to conquer their own mind. Conquering negative self talk and creating a positive mental environment improves ones chance for success, no matter what the endeavor. My advice: Get your credit card out, and order this awesome book! You won’t be disappointed. My name is Phil Migliarese, and I approve this message"
-Phil Migliarese
3rd Degree Black Belt under Relson Gracie
Owner of Team Balance/ Philadelphia

"The Winning Mind Set has helped me to restructure my thinking for more effective training and success as a Professional Athlete. The Winning Mind Set and the pleasure of working with Sifu Kevin Seaman have not only been influential, but essential in achieving my goals as a professional fighter, and in everyday life. I would recommend The Winning Mind Set to anyone looking to develop a winning mindset of their own.Ē
- Tamdan "The Barn Cat" McCrory
Professional MMA Fighter: 13-3
World Fighting League Middleweight Champ
NABC World Welterweight Champ
Veteran UFC Fighter

"The ideas & principles found within The Winning Mind Set have been an important part of my success as a Professional Athlete. I highly recommend the book, except for my future opponents!"
-Erik 'Chainsaw" Charles
Professional MMA Competitor 13-2
Contestant on The Ultimate Fighter 7
Thai Boxing Instructor

sm.wmscover The Winning Mind Set Book
It's here! The success system that's been taught to thousands is now available in this new book! 280 pages in all.

My name is Kevin Seaman, I've been in the martial arts as a technician, competitor, authority and coach for over three decades. Over the past 35 years, Iíve had some incredible experiences in my life.

I studied with some of the absolutely finest coaches, teachers and mentors. I trained with people you've definitely heard of and some you never heard of. One thing they all had in common is....They were brilliant in one or more areas of their ability. Some were known as great fighters, some as genius technicians, some as amazing conveyors of knowledge with communication skills beyond you and I.

But, there's a lot more! Some of these teachers didn't actually teach how they got excellent at what they did. I had to extract it! I had to dig into the intellectual brilliance of Dan Inosanto, Francis Fong, Brian Tracy and Anthony Robbins. I had to search to find the strategies and mindset that made people like Surachai Sirisute, Erik Paulson, Jean Jacques Machado, Greg Nelson, Jack LaLane, Lance Armstrong, Peter Novelli mentally tough!

I studied the principles that enabled all these people to excel against all odds. I studied it, I used it and I learned how to organize it and teach it...then I put it in a book! During that time period Iíve worked with and taught local, state, national, and world champions, as well as high performing athletes from all walks of life! The most extraordinary result of this interaction is what I have learned from these elite individuals, and how I used this valuable information to develop a program that anyone can use and apply instantly.

Price: $19.95
The Winning Mind Set Audio Book
It's here!The success system that's been taught to thousands is now available in a new Six CD Set audio version! The same outstanding material "unabridged" so you can listen to it when you drive, fly or jog! Buy it on Amazon for $32.95 + shipping, or buy it here for $29.95 w/ Free shipping!
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